• About Us


    Our vision as a printing company is to add value to people and businesses by building long lasting relationships with our clients and creating a positive environment for clients and employees to succeed in everything they do.


    In order to be the first choice of printers in the eyes of our customers we have identified the key areas in which we must thrive, develop and grow as an organization to guarantee an excellent level of service and client satisfaction. These are namely:

    Culture: To create and sustain a positive and friendly environment for customers and employees to interact, learn and grow by encouraging creative thinking and using initiative to solve problems

    Development: Nurture an on-going learning and growth system so that people and processes are continuously improving by providing the right motivation, resources and credit to drive people to thrive in every area

    Adding Value: Using innovative ideas to continuously break new ground in our market and areas of expertise so that we are providing the best possible service and adding the most value to products and people


    Our values are what guides our decisions as a company and gives us the motivation to do the things that we do in the way that we do them.

    Team work: Good teams can accomplish more and do better than individuals, If we are to do great things we must build great teams

    Reliability: A stern focus on our priorities and doing what needs to be done

    Social Responsibility: For a company to move forward it must remember where it started and give back to the community that helped it to grow

    Creativity: Nurturing an environment of unique thinking

    Diversity: Doing our best to provide something for everyone

    Innovation: Planning for success in an unpredictable environment

    Quality: To do all that we do to the very best of our ability

    People: Build lasting relationships by treating every person as unique and important

    Integrity: Not willing to compromise on our values, but to stay true to what we stand for

    Honour: To respect those in authority and treat others higher than ourselves

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